Our Gear
This is  a new updated picture of some of the gear we use.
We currently use several 4 camera DVR systems. These
but also for documenting such things as EMF sessions
where spirits actually attempt to communicate through
a EMF detector.
We use several different types of meters .Pictured here
are  from left to right are : Emf meter, Spirit Box,
Ghost Box, Mel Meter, K2  Meter, Digital
Thermometer, and Ghost Meter.
These are Sony Night Vision Camcorders. These
models have night vision built into them. These are
used for recording interviews,and for places our
DVRs can't go.We also use full spectrum Go Pro
Digital Voice Recorders: Digital voice recorders are used to
record what are known as EVP sessions. EVP's are
unexplainable voices that are picked up by a digital voice
recorder. During an Evp session investigators ask the spirit
like: "What is your name?" "Why are you here?" and "How
did you die?" Recordings are analyzed after an investigation
and possible EVP's are cleaned up using computer software
to maximize clarity.
This is just one of our Full Spectrum cameras and  IR Flashlights.
The rationale for the use of Full Spectrum cameras is based upon the fact that
they can capture the entire range of the light spectrum that includes ultraviolent
(UV) light and infrared (IR) light. It is speculated that entities can only be seen
This is why we only see them out of the corner of our eyes or not at all etc.

Taking this into consideration it is put forth that Full Spectrum photography will
allow the ghost hunter to capture entities that cannot be seen with the naked eye.