These are some of the evidence we have captured at variuos locations.
We put it on here  for your analysis .Please let us know what you think.
Taken at a  private home in Wilder Ky.The clients
reported seeing shadow figures and full body
apparations.The photo to the left backs up there claims
Taken at a private home in Erlanger Ky. This home had a lot of
activity,including evp's, shadow people,and full body
apparitions.The photo on the left was taken in the Basement.
This picture  of the unknown mist was taken at Apple Wood
Inn in Indiana.This was our first
offcial investigation and we got evidence which was amazing
for  a first investigation.
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This was taken at the first mini-paranormal
investigation at General Butler State Park .
There were 19 people that attended the investigation
.We caught a lot of evidence and had a lot of personal
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