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E.V.P.s or electronic voice phenomena ,are the  unknown paranormal voices we have
caught while we were doing voice recordings at various investigations.Here are some of the
best ones that we have caught.
New Miami Ohio private home
investigation.unknown voice we think it says
Wilder KY.private home
investigation.Unknown voice we think is
saying not kill me.
Walton KY. private home investigation....
we think its a growl around 12 seconds.
Big Bone Lick Paranormal tour.. at the end
we hear  something
Florence KY. private home
investigation,listen to the footsteps.
Big Bone Lick State park voice recording
taken at the cemetary.Listen for the little
girls voice,we think she is saying and me or
help me.
A  real class A evp very clear and
crisp.Was at a private home
3 evps caught at 3014 washington
square in Burlington KY.Oct.21st
1st evp is a deep sigh.
2nd evp we think says get out.
3rd evp we think says now.