Orbs - Fact or Fiction?
The image catches your attention. You  excitedly look over your pictures and
see that you have gotten pictures of  spirit
orbs. What you may not realize is
that you more than likely  have gotten pictures of  reflections from your
camera flash off of dust, dirt bugs or moisture in the air.

Dust: This is one of the most common orb anomalies which are mistaken for
paranormal orbs.

Water: This can be from rain or even  high humidity in the area.

Bugs: This is another really common issue. Many times especially outside,
bugs will often appear as spots/orbs. With the new digital cameras they also
appear as "rods" which is when the camera will capture the bug many times
as it moves through the field of vision and is usually associated with video.

A paranormal orb, if you are ever lucky enough to catch one, will emit it's
own light or power source and you won't need a light source to see it, or
make it light up.
Written by Eddie Parks 1/25/2013
Haunted Objects
We used this doll pictured above as a trigger object during this investigation. The
female spirit had owned it when she was still alive. During our investigation it
was knocked off a bench. We caught several evp's while filming this doll, so it
suffices to say we are going to investigate the whole trigger  object idea further.
Written by Eddie Parks 8/30/2013
Objects that have been used by
paranormal entities have been getting
a lot of attention lately. Some ghost
hunting groups are calling them
They use the objects to trigger a
response from whatever type of hunting
is going on at the location. They hope
that the seeing the familiar object
would trigger some response from the