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Paranormal Gear
We have all seen how expensive ghost hunting gear has
There are some pieces of gear that cost thousands
of dollars to b
uy. We all have been guilty of falling into the
trap of buying the next big new shiny gadget, in order to
show it off and to be the first team to catch real hardcore
scientific evidence of the afterlife.
I myself went down that road for a bit until I realized that
most of my evidence was and has always been caught on
some very basic pieces of gear
, gear that I have found to be
very reliable in every situation.
Here is a list of the gear that I depend on and use on every
paranormal investigation.

Voice recorders: I use  either  an RCA VR5320R-A or an
OLYMPUS WS-853. The RCA is about $
40 and the
OLYMPUS is about $
90. They both take AAA batteries
and record very well.

II meters: I use Two different meters. The standard KII  
meter that
costs average $60. I use the version where you
don't need to hold the button down. I also use an improved
II meter called the Rook. It is an emf meter, that uses
sound  along with the lights, it is also about $
60. I would
caution you
,with the normal KII meter you have to take
the back off to replace the 9 volt battery, making it
difficult to do so quickly on an investigation.

Digital Cameras: I use the Cannon 16 mega
pixel power
shot for
normal pictures during investigations. It costs
about $
40 used. It uses two AA batteries and a Sim card. I
also use a modified infrared  night shot Kodak easy share
C195  with 14 mega pix. This also uses two AA batteries
and a Sim card, it cost
s $20 used and $30 to get the parts to
modify it.

  Written by Eddie Parks   4/5/20