Tri State Shadow Chasers Investigation

1.When we first get the client contact ,we always try to get as much information from
the initial point of contact ,we can then determine if they need our help.
2. Once we determine that they need our help we will set up a time to do the
investigation for the client.
3. Once we get at the location ,we will do two things  right away. We will have the
client walk around and show us where they have been having activity,then we will
start interviewing the clients/witness'es to give us insight into what' s been going on.
4.After the initial interview and walk through, we determine where we are going to
set up our equipment.At this time we will determine if we need to use our DVR
system ,how many people will be  the location at a time who will be investigating
with who,and any safety concerns.
5.We then will break up into pre determined groups, each group  investigating a
certain area,then switching off with a different team.
6.After the investigation each member fills out  a report of any activity,including what
type of activity,what time it happened,what area it happened,who you were with,did
they witness it.
7.We then go over all of the evidence that we gathered,using our best judgement to
determine what type of activity it is.
8.We make out our reports,gather our evidence,and then reveal it to our client,no
matter what type /or lack of /evidence we have.We believe that our Ethics  help make
us stand out in the Paranormal Community.
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