Our most memorable investigations.
Apple Wood Inn.
Aurora, Indiana
January 9th 2009
Case #1
This was our first Official investigation as a group. There were
reports of  seeing the apparition of a man who had hung himself
in the Inn. There were also reports of a girl crying and people
being touched.
On this first investigation we only had handheld gear but ended up catching  
several evp's and the mist pictured  above of an axe.
Sorg Opera House
MiddleTown, Ohio
February 20th 2009
Case #3
The picture above was taken at the Sorg Opera House in Middle Town
Ohio. The Sorg is a  huge 5 story building. We were amazed at the level
of activity we got that night. Including numerous evp's, a full body
apparition walking across the 3rd floor balcony and unknown footsteps on the
stage. In this picture there is a green apparition in the middle of the back
This was our first private investigation in Ohio. There were many claims of
paranormal activity from the clients; including a lady singing, a black mass in
the hallway (pictured above) and people being touched. We caught all of the
activity that they claimed to have had.
This case had many personal experiences. This was our first case of a possessed
object (pictured above). The doll was possessed by a former wife of our client.
We had many personal experiences during the investigation including
full-body apparitions, EMF spikes and E.V.P.'s of a woman crying. At the clients
request we took ownership of the possessed doll.    
White  Chapel Church and Cemetery
Grant County, Kentucky
September 19th 2016
Case #119
Big Bone Lick State Park
Union, Kentucky
July 25th 2009
Case #5
This picture was taken during a paranormal investigation / ghost tour.
Sponsored by State Parks of Kentucky and Tri-State ShadowChasers. This is a
picture of a possible wagon wheel (bottom center) and a flag (red part).
Private Residence
MiddleTown, Ohio
September 26th 2009
Case #10
Private Residence
Dry Ridge, Kentucky
April 2nd 2011
Case #54
We encountered a lot of paranormal activity in the church and  the cemetery, including
orb pictured above taken in the church and heard spirit voices in the cemetery.
We also had our first cryptid encounter in the woods surrounding the cemetery.