Terms and Conditions of Tri-State ShadowChasers (TSC)

       As a non-profit organization we do not accept payments. However, because we are willing to pay for all the expenses
and put our time into your case we do expect to be treated in a respectable manner.
       If an appointment or an investigation has been scheduled and you cannot keep it, TSC needs to be notified minimum
of 24 hours prior to the scheduled time so that the appointment/investigation can be rescheduled or cancelled.
       If your contact information (phone number, address, email address or other contact information given to TSC) changes
during an open case, TSC is to be informed with updated contact information.
       TSC expects client’s co-operation during an investigation for a successful collection of evidence. If this cannot be
achieved, we are unable to help further unless or until a rescheduled date for a new investigation has been set. Examples
of co-operation include but are not limited to:
  • Number of people. Minimum number of people should be present at the location during the investigation unless
    approved by TSC. People and pets to be present during an investigation are to be discussed with TSC prior to an
    investigation. Noise level is to be minimal during an investigation for optimal evidence collection.
  • Silence. Absolute silence is required during the time when evidence is being collected unless otherwise instructed
    by TSC. Should there be anything to discuss, this may be done before the investigation, during breaks that are taken
    regularly or after the investigation.
  • Following instructions. Safety of everyone involved is the most important to us. Therefore it is crucial to follow
    instructions given by TSC during an investigation. Should a situation arise when a TSC member asks everyone to
    leave the location, it is extremely important to follow these instructions and vacate the premises immediately.  

Should Terms and Conditions be violated TSC may charge for the expenses and/or close the case without any further