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Mission Statement
  • Tri-State ShadowChasers (TSC) is a Paranormal group formed in 2008 by
    Eddie Parks.
  • TSC uses Scientific methods to document and study paranormal activity at
    locations reported to be haunted.
  • We document activity such as orbs, mists, shadow people, demonic activity,
    and full body apparitions.
  • TSC uses various types of equipment in investigations including Digital
    Camera Photography, Digital Voice Recorders for EVP's (Electronic Voice
    Phenomenon) Infrared  Camcorders, Night Vision Camcorders, EMF
    (Electro Magnetic Field ) meters,  Digital  Thermometers, Motion Detector
    Sensors, and Digital Video Recorder System.
  • TSC is a dedicated group of Paranormal Investigators. We will investigate a
    reported haunted location, gather and research the Evidence and will then
    determine what type of activity is going on. If there is a haunting we will
    determine if it is an intelligent haunting, a residual haunting, demonic
    activity, or poltergeist activity.
  • We are a group of Paranormal investigators dedicated to serving the Tri -
    State areas of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. We are a Non-Profit group and
    will not accept payment for our help.
Tri-State ShadowChasers