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Mission Statement
Tri State Shadow Chasers (TSC) are a Paranormal group formed in 2008 by Eddie Parks.
TSC uses Scientific methods to document and study paranormal activity al locations reported
to be haunted.
We document activity such as orbs,mists, shadow people, demonic activity, and full body
TSC uses various types of equipment in investigations including Digital Camera Photography,
Digital Voice Recorders for EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Infrared  Camcorders,
Night Vision Camcorders,EMF (Electro Magnetic Field ) meters,  Digital  Thermometers,
Motion Detector Sensors,and Digital Video Recorder System.
TSC is a dedicated group of Paranormal Investigators. We will investigate a reported haunted
location, gather and research the Evidence will then determine what type of activity is
going on,if there is a haunting We will determine if it is an intelligent haunting,a residual
haunting, demonic activity,or poltergiest activity.
We are a group of Paranormal investigators dedicated to serving the Tri State areas of Ohio,
Kentucky,and Indiana. We are a Non Profit group and will not accept payment for our help.
Tri State ShadowChasers